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045Vital to any business is the customer.  KeyCentral treat all tenants as customers.   From the first meeting, KeyCental find out the tenants’ requirements, and match them to the property that best suits their needs.  KeyCentral Property Management give personal attention to tenants, and have found this brings out the best in them.  At KeyCentral respect is shown to tenants, building  good relationships and consequently  tenants are less likely to cause any problems.

KeyCentral Property Management are equally accessible to tenants, as Landlords. Problems like repairs  and disputes are dealt with quickly.  KeyCentral Property Management understands, the property is the tenants’ home and is important to them.  KeyCentral offer a very flexible service for viewing properties and are available out of normal hours to suit the needs of viewers, always endeavouring to accommodate the viewer, this of course is a potential customer!

However friendly, KeyCentral always ensures that no tenant is housed without suitable references.   We do background checks and ensure we are happy that the potential tenant is a decent citizen and has the money to pay the rent.

Recent Government Legislation has changed in that Deposits are no longer held by Managing Agents, but by a separate government approved deposit scheme.   We adhere to Government Policy and your deposit will be held on such a scheme.