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004KeyCentral will guide you every step of the way by providing advice reflective of current legislation anyone thinking of becoming a Landlord through the whole process.  KeyCentral will empower you to experience the presently great business opportunity which has evolved from our current economic climate.  Always, informing Landlords of any potential risks or problems which may occur.  The experience and personal service which KeyCentral have to offer are of paramount importance and their services are vital to any successful Landlord.

KeyCentral give advice on how and where to market your property, carry out viewings at the property, (accommodating the viewer’s requests), carry out reference and background checks, ensure the local council are informed of any changes, inform utility companies of meter readings and tenancy endings.  KeyCentral have a database of trusted workmen which they utilise to carry out repairs and oversee that the work is carried out to a satisfactory standard.   KeyCentral set up Standing Orders and Bank payments for Landlord’s rental income.   KeyCental are completely accessible at all hours.   KeyCentral offer Landlords a stress free experience.